Note - in order to allow you to purchase these cables in any qty and length you need we are now selling them individually despite the picture.  The pictures will be updated as soon as we can do so.


These cables are constructed using Canare L-4E62 cable.  The premier Star Quad cable for exceptional audio applications.  As taken direct from Canare's website: "Flexible, satin smooth to the touch and extra strong, this standard diameter, 21 AWG cable fits perfectly in all XLR-type audio connectors. Forty separate strands in each conductor eliminate breakage due to flexing."


The plugs are made by Neutrik and they consist of a 3 pole connector with black metal housing and silver contacts.


Cable length may vary slightly but will never be less than the listed length.


If you are looking for different lengths or options not offered in this listing feel free to message me.


Please allow up to 72 hours for your custom cables to be made and shipped.


Shipping will be free to anywhere in the continental US.


Thanks for looking all and happy listening!

Single Canare Quad Star Balanced XLR Cable Neutrik


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