This cable is constructed using Belden 1505F cable which is a low loss digital coax cable with a 22 AWG stranded bare compact copper conductor, foam HDPE core, and double 95% tinned copper braid. 


The Belden 1505F cable is a great option for subwoofer cables as it is far more flexible than most other "coax" options.  


The cables are terminated using only the best compression connectors available on the market today.  The Belden compression connectors offer a true 360° compression on to the cable.  


Cable length may vary slightly but will never be less than the listed length.


If you are looking for different lengths not offered in this listing feel free to message me.


Please allow up to 72 hours for your custom cables to be made and shipped.


Shipping will be free to anywhere in the continental US.


Thanks for looking all and happy listening!

HiFi Subwoofer Cable Belden 1505F W/ Belden Terminations


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