High quality RCA cables are one of the most affordable ways to dramatically increase your listening experience.  Whether you are looking for more accurate highs or a better sound stage, high quality RCA cables should be your first purchase.  After hours of testing I can assure you these cables meet or exceed the sound quality of big box store cables costing more than twice as much.


These cables can be sleeved in either blue/black sleeving or solid black sleeving.


This listing is for a set of phono RCA interconnect cables.  The L-2T2S cable is manufactured by Canare, it is a high quality two conductor shielded audio cable. This high density, braided copper shield and two inner conductors (composed of 60 thin strands of copper wire), allow for maximum flexibility, reduced noise and superb clarity.


The plugs are made by GLS Audio and feature wide ground blades for maximum contact as well as 24 karat gold plating to ensure a corrosion free contact.


The ground / earth cable can be made custom to suit your application.  I regularly stock spade connectors, should you need a pic connector as shown in the photo you will need to provide me the pin diameter.


Cable length may vary slightly but will never be less than the listed length.


If you are looking for different lengths not offered in this listing feel free to message me.


Please allow up to 72 hours for your custom cables to be made and shipped.


Shipping will be free to anywhere in the continental US.


Thanks for looking all and happy listening!

HiFi Canare L-2T2SRCA Soldered Phono Cables


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