This listing is for a single 12 gauge audiophile grade speaker cable.  The polarity of each connector is identified by the colored logo on the Sewell compression banana plugs.


These cables are made from KnuKnonceptz 12/2 cable.  This cable is a true hifi audiophile grade speaker cable.  As taken from KnuKonceptz:


This tinned Oxygen Free Copper speaker wire provides superior resistance to noise compared to conventional speaker wire. The wire actually will repel noise due to its twisted construction. Each conductor is composed of 294 strands of the finest copper for superb audio accuracy and flexibility. Each strand has been tinned. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimizing the skin-effect (lowering the current jumps between the wire surfaces).


These cables are terminated using high quality Sewell compression banana plugs.


Spade terminals are available upon request.  To keep costs down, all pricing is based upon banana plug terminations.  Should you need spade terminals feel free to contact me directly for a quote.


The cables are being sold individually to allow you to purchase exact lengths for your needs. 


Please allow up to 72 hours for your custom cables to be made and shipped.


Shipping will be free to anywhere in the continental US.


Thanks for looking all and happy listening!

Single Audiophile Speaker Cable 12 Gauge W/ Sewell Banana Plugs KnuKonceptz


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