RF cables can be found in nearly any electrical system world wide.  Simply put, they transfer a signal from one location to another.  However, they must do so with little to no change to the signals and equally important they must do it without failure.


This cable is constructed using high quality components to meet today's most demanding needs.  


The Belden 1694A coaxial cable has been designed to improve power transfer, reduce noise, and extend system reliablity with its rugged construction.  This RG-6 is double shielded using a foil shield overlaid with a tinned copper braid shield.  


The cable has been terminated using Belden type F connectors that provide true 360° compression.  These connectors have superior RF shielding, rated at an effective -85 dB and feature 75 ohm impedance for low signal loss.


The cable will come sleeved for cosmetic purposes and to help prevent your animals (assuming you have any) from chewing.


Cable length may vary slightly but will never be less than the listed length.


If you are looking for different lengths not offered in this listing feel free to message me.


Please allow up to 72 hours for your custom cables to be made and shipped.


Shipping will be free to anywhere in the continental US.


Thanks for looking all and happy listening!



Belden 1694A RF Cable


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